Figures / nudes

In her so-called ‘free work’, like her nude, figures and still life, she can experiment in composition, color and light.
Her work can be found in both public and private collections, both in the Netherlands and abroad.
An overview of her work (oeuvre) will be published in a book entitled “In view of people” presented in the exhibition at the Museum at the Vrijthof in September 2017. Exact information follows.

Still live

In her studio you find many objects, such as antique glass medicine bottles, garlic cloves, vases, room screens, all kinds of colors, fruits, handmade pottery pots and dishes. She is fascinated by shapes, nature, materials, lightning, composition in its whole and also the mutual ‘strength’ of objects together. As a result, her free work is never boring and always fresh, and lets the viewer rediscover¬† the apparently basic things.

Traveling sketches / landscapes

“One of my favorite ways of working is sitting on the market, in a waiting room, on a boat, where there are people who are not completely aware of my presence. And just because they can stand up and walk away every moment, you have to register and quickly choose the essence, actually forget what you are doing. You could call it’ the art of the controlled accident’